HP Introduces the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo WHS Add-In

HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo GraphicOwn a TiVo? You may want to add a Windows Home Server from HP to the mix. HP has just introduced a new new add-in called HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo that allows TiVo owners to transfer shows to/from the HP MediaSmart Server, manage recordings, and watch stored recordings from any networked Mac or Windows PC [...]

S1Digital Rolls Out a 100 Disc Blu-ray Changer for Windows Media Center and Windows Home Server

S1Digital Blu-ray Disc ChangerSure the idea of ripping all your Blu-ray discs to your PC's hard drive or networked home server sounds appealing, but the reality of going through the process isn't quite as pleasant — especially when you consider how much storage space you'll need (an uncompressed Blu-ray movie copy can be 25+ GB in size). Enter [...]

HP Updates WHS Line with MediaSmart EX490 and EX495 Server Models

HP MediaSmart Server on Desk PhotoIt looks like HP thought it was time for a MediaSmart Server refresh. The company is introducing two new models that appear basically the same on the surface, but with some key differences. The $549 EX490 is a 1TB server powered by an Intel Celeron 450 2.2Ghz processor, while the $699 EX495 is 1.5TB server [...]

TwonkyMedia WHS Add-In Released

TwonkyMedia WHS Add-In ScreenshotGood news for DIY Windows Home Server builders and consumers who've purchased WHS systems. We Got Served is reporting that TwonkyMedia has finally released a WHS Add-In [v5.1] of their server product that anyone can purchase and install for $29.95. Note: If you own an HP MediaSmart or a Fujitsu-Siemens SCALEO, your system already has [...]

Lenovo Unveils the Trifecta of Digital Home PC Products

Lenovo Q700 Q100 D400We got an early glimpse of the Lenovo IdeaCentre Q700 Home Theater PC ($499 - Intel 2.5Ghz dual-core processor / Intel X4500 graphics), now the company is officially announcing that product along side their new IdeaCentre Q100 Nettop ($299 - Intel Atom N230 / NVIDIA ION), and the IdeaCentre D400 Home Server ($499 - 4-bay [...]

Acer Launches the $399, 1TB Aspire easyStore Windows Home Server

Acer Aspire easyStoreIt looks like HP's MediaSmart Server line has got some competition to worry about. Acer today has unveiled its own Windows Home Server (WHS), called the Aspire easyStore, that places itself somewhere between the 640GB single drive HP LX ($399) and multi-drive, powerhouse EX series (starting $599). Personally, I think the 1TB Acer easyStore ($399) [...]

Gain Access to Windows Home Server Console on Mac OS X via Remote Desktop

Windows Home Server Console Running on Mac OS XOne of the great features recently introduced to Windows Home Server (at least on HP's EX485 / EX487 / LX195 MediaSmart Servers) is the ability to use it in conjunction with Time Machine on the Mac. While this feature has been very much welcomed, many Mac users are still hoping to one day get native [...]

RipNAS Statement SSD Windows Home Server Unveiled

RipNAS StatementIt seems that RipNAS has been on a tear shipping a variety of CD ripping NAS servers to the market recently. Now the company behind RipNAS is unveiling its latest product called the RipNAS Statement, featuring a passively cooled, multi-drive enclosure that can be equipped with 500GB (2x250GB) of SSD or 3TB (2x1.5TB) of HDD [...]