HABEY USA Demos Its New HD-capable ENT-6564 Nettop Running Windows Embedded Standard 7

HABEY ENT-6564 DemoHere's a new one. We know nettops are great as low-budget, HD-capable HTPCs running Windows XP/7 or Linux-based OSes. Now the HABEY USA guys are showing off that its MITX-6564 mini-ITX based nettop can also run Windows Embedded Standard 7 as the main OS for an even snappier, less resource intensive experience. A quick check [...]

Windows Embedded Standard 7 to Bring Windows Media Center to ‘Net-Connected TVs and Set-tops

Windows Embedded Standard 7 Running Windows Media Center DemoWow, BIG news that hasn't received the proper attention it deserves. Microsoft has just announced Windows Embedded Standard 7, featuring Windows Media Center, is available for use in "... set-top boxes (STBs), connected media devices (CMDs), and TVs for consumers." Being that this is eHomeUpgrade, this news obviously has piqued our interest. Luckily, Windows Embedded technical [...]