TV Guide’s New iPad App Brings What You’d Expect, Plus Social TV Features

TV Guide iPad AppEarlier this week TV Guide announced their first, new iPad app. Features include: TV show listings, breaking news, scoops, show recaps, a hot list of what to watch, and sponsored full-length episodes. Basically, what you'd expect from a TV Guide produced app. However, what was a bit unexpected is that they're also dipping their toes [...]

Panasonic Adds Twitter Functionality to Its VIERA Cast-enabled HDTVs and Blu-ray Players

Panasonic VIERA Cast Twitter AppInteresting. Panasonic has opted to include a custom Twitter app to their VIERA Cast-enabled TVs and Blu-ray players that will allow users to tweet their friends while watching TV, search, access/create favorites, see their friends/followers, and view the public timeline. However, the app doesn't overlay live TV or work in the sidebar like other examples [...]

Tunerfish – A Work-in-Progress with Potential for Social TV

Tunerfish ScreenshotNo doubt about it... TV is becoming social. Below is an interview with Tunerfish lead, John McCrea (former Plaxo VP of Marketing). A must-see in my humble opinion. McCrea describes what Tunerfish is all about — currently in private beta — and how he sees TV and the Web merging. In a nutshell, Tunerfish is [...]

Mojito Social Network Dashboard / Web Aggregator Wi-Fi Display

Mojito Device and Web Portal GraphicIt looks like Chumby and Sony's dash will have some new competition soon. Bluelounge is getting set to launch a new device targeted to people who enjoy being in and reading content from social networks like Twitter and Facebook. But Mojito's capabilities don't end there. Mojito can pull in content from website RSS feeds, display [...]

Fonera 2.0n Router / NAS / Media Server

Fonera 2.0nIt's been a while since we've talked about FON and its Fonera routers. Luckily, a couple of recent video clips of the Fonera 2.0n in action has prompted me to revisit the current offering. For those unfamiliar, the FON Wi-Fi network consists of routers purchased by users like me an you who share their broadband connection [...]

Verizon’s FiOS TV Platform Goes Social

Verizon FiOS Twitter Widget ScreenshotIn case you've ever wondered what the Twitterverse is saying about a particular show you're watching in real-time, now you'll be able to with Verizon's FiOS TV service. Today the company is announcing that subscribers will now be able to see Twitter user comments related to programs/movies they're watching, view updates from Facebook contacts, and [...]

Send Remote Commands via Twitter to Your PC with TweetMyPC

TweetMyPC Login GraphicWe've seen social media apps for Windows PCs that update services like Twitter and Facebook with either what you're watching in Media Center or the health status of the PC. Now, it looks like we're able to tell the PC what to do via Twitter using TweetMyPC. According to the developers behind TweetMyPC, users can [...]

Eye-Fi Adds Twitter and RSS Feed Features

Eye-Fi ShareNot content on just allowing people to wirelessly upload their camera's digital photos to a PC or photo sharing site, the makers of Eye-Fi have added Twitter notifications and personal photo RSS feed capabilities to its Eye-Fi Manager Client. So, in essence, the next time one of your photos gets uploaded to your PC, a [...]