New DLNA Interoperability Guidelines Will Turn Your TV Set-top Box into a Home Server

DLNA has announced that new interoperability guidelines, created in conjunction with global cable, satellite and telecommunications service providers, will allow TV set-top boxes to stream premium movies and TV shows to DLNA certified consumer electronic devices like your connected televisions, game consoles, Blu-ray disc players, tablets, and smartphones. The new technology will leverage DTCP-IP protected [...]

IDF 2009: tru2way Cable DVR Home Server

IDF 2009 tru2way DVR Server - Credit: EngadgetYou've heard about tru2way, right? The next-gen of CableCARD technology that provides two-way interactive television with and through your cable provider? Well, Intel is taking tru2way to the next level with a home DVR server, created for cable TV providers to license, that provides support for a 3 tuner, multi-stream tru2way CableCARD and converts the [...]

Intel and Yahoo! Bring Their TV Widget Technology to Life in a Big Way At CES 2009

Yahoo! TV Widgets Partners ScreenshotSure we've started seeing a crop of "Connected HDTVs" making the news this month, but the real winner here is the Yahoo! Widget Engine and Intel's system-on-a-chip (Media Processor CE 3100) which provides the TV's processing power to handle all the various interactive media application services. In other words, all future HDTVs supporting TV Widgets [...]