76% of 18 to 24-year-olds Browse the Internet While Watching TV

Living Room TV Watching and Web SurfingSocial Media PR agency, Diffusion, conducted a survey of 2,086 people, ages 18-55, for YouGov's Social TV trends report and found that nearly 76% of 18 to 24-year-olds like browsing the web and doing stuff online while watching TV (percentage for the entire survey group: 58%). Many of them, according to the report, want to vote [...]

TV Guide’s New iPad App Brings What You’d Expect, Plus Social TV Features

TV Guide iPad AppEarlier this week TV Guide announced their first, new iPad app. Features include: TV show listings, breaking news, scoops, show recaps, a hot list of what to watch, and sponsored full-length episodes. Basically, what you'd expect from a TV Guide produced app. However, what was a bit unexpected is that they're also dipping their toes [...]

Panasonic Adds Twitter Functionality to Its VIERA Cast-enabled HDTVs and Blu-ray Players

Panasonic VIERA Cast Twitter AppInteresting. Panasonic has opted to include a custom Twitter app to their VIERA Cast-enabled TVs and Blu-ray players that will allow users to tweet their friends while watching TV, search, access/create favorites, see their friends/followers, and view the public timeline. However, the app doesn't overlay live TV or work in the sidebar like other examples [...]

Moki.tv the TV Community of the Future?

Moki.tv ScreenshotThe social TV space is filling up fast with variety of competitors that believe their platform offers the best experience for users interested in talking about their favorite TV shows. Most offer check-ins and reward badges to keep them coming back, but other services, like Clicker Social and the new Moki.tv, for example, are taking [...]

Meta Mirror Concept Puts a Different Spin on Social TV – Adds a Live TV Infotainment Layer to Tablets

Meta Mirror Radiohead Closeup PhotoThe industrial designers at Notion have put together concept that they believe is the next logical step in how we watch, consume, and interact with TV. The Meta Mirror, as the design house is calling it, appears to be a well thought out concept. The group cites that watching TV is shared experience while [...]

Tunerfish Mobile Social TV Check-in and Discovery App Released

Tunerfish iPhone App DemoThe guys at Tunerfish have put together a "no-budget" TV commercial for their new iPhone / iPod touch app — Android version coming soon. In a nutshell, the Tunerfish mobile app allows users to scan a "live stream" of what their friends are currently watching, as well as a list of trending shows consisting of [...]

Miso Targets Shopping Networks for Badges and Special Discounts

Miso QVC Check-inI've been following Social TV development with great interesting, so it's fun to see new ways these services are bringing interactivity to passive TV watching. As of today, Miso users can check-in at QVC and earn points and receive a Q Shopper badge, as well as be privy to special daily discounts (I know foursquare [...]

Clicker Turns on Social TV

Clicker Check-in ScreenshotClicker has gone and done what I expected them to. They've gone social. You can now create a personal profile, friend/follow members, do TV show, movie, or web video check-ins, "Love" content (or "Don't"), earn Clicker Awards (provided mostly by network partners), discuss shows, and more (there's even a mobile app). And being that this [...]