First Look: PBS Video Portal

PBS Video Homepage ScreenshotWhen I heard the news this morning that PBS launched a new video portal (currently in Beta) near the same level of Hulu, I was intrigued. In the past, I've taken the opportunity to watch a few missed broadcasts online through, but the experience and quality level back then seem sub-par. Thankfully, that's no [...]

Boxee Adds Pandora, PBS Content and a New (Hulu Friendly) Enhanced Browser

Boxee: Pandora Your StationsThe title pretty much says it all. Highlights include custom channels for Pandora Internet radio, RadioTime and PBS content. The guys at Boxee note that the Pandora app was created using the "more robust" Boxee API that allows developers to easily create apps using XML and Python. Boxee says: "Developers can now do pretty much [...]