Broadcom Creates Way Forward in Home Networking

broadcom_and_mocaSilicon that will use the future coaxial home networking standard, with a speed of 400Mbps, will be demonstrated by Broadcom next week at the International Consumer Electronics Show. In June 2010, the Multimedia over Coax Alliance's MoCA 2.0 standard was completed and the team anticipates that products will be certified under the standard this year.  It [...]

Netgear MCAB1001 Coax-Ethernet Adapter Kit

Netgear MCAB1001 Coax-Ethernet Adapter KitIt appears that Netgear has quietly added a new product to their wired home networking line that may be of interest to some. The new addition is the MoCA certified Netgear Coax-Ethernet Adapter Kit (available now for pre-order | MSRP $229) designed to turn your coaxial cable (aka your home's TV cable) into a high-speed [...]

DLNA Adds New Features to Its Interoperability Guidelines for 2009

More news from the DLNA today. First, we heard that MoCA became an approved networking standard (as well as 802.11n) for future DLNA certified products. Now, the Digital Living Network Alliance is announcing new features like improved photo, video, audio synchronization, WPA2 support for wireless security, "Play To" & "Print To" functionality for sending media [...]

DLNA Approves MoCA for Inclusion in Its Interoperability Guidelines

Here's some interesting industry news. DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) has approved MoCA's (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) technology as a connectivity standard, along side Wi-Fi and Ethernet, in the next version of its Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines scheduled to be released in early 2009. For those unfamiliar MoCA, their technology enables users to pipe [...]

Westell Awarded Next-Generation Home Gateway Business at Verizon

Westell Ultraline Series 3Westell Technologies announced today that they have been selected by Verizon to provide high-performance broadband home routers that upgrade the speed and capabilities of FiOS services. Westell’s UltraLine Series3 Gateway, with its WireSpeed® routing technology and dual-core processor, allows Verizon to leverage the capacity of their fiber-to-the-home network while enabling new applications like media sharing, [...]