TVersity Goes Pro – Adds Content Access to Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Joost, Sling, and Others

TVersity Pro ScreenshotTVersity has stepped up their game and has added access to many of the top video sites on the Net [full list]. According to TVersity's announcement (attached below), TVersity Pro ($29.95) is able to accomplish this by playing premium web content via an "off-screen browser." TVersity is still able to transcode user generated video from [...]

Boxee Opens Alpha Version to the Public and Adds BBC iPlayer & Joost Content Access

Boxee BBC iPlayer Home ScreenshotGet it while it's hot! Boxee is opening up their Alpha release to all Mac, Ubuntu, and Apple TV users. Windows users, however, still need to be invited into the private-alpha. In addition, Boxee is also announcing BBC iPlayer (available from the UK only) and Joost content access via their own Boxee portal page and [...]

Joost for DivX Connected Arrives

Joost fans will be happy to know that a Joost Plug-in for DivX Connected has just been added. Though not all Joost functionality is currently available, the developer is off to a good start (as you can see from the demo video). What's more, the plug-in's open-source code is being hosted at Google Code so [...]