HP Nixes the TouchPad and Its webOS-powered Smartphones

HP TouchPad Portrait / Landscape Mode GraphicWow, the just announced news that HP plans on discontinuing its TouchPad and WebOS smartphones products is causing quite a ripple in the technosphere at the moment. People don't know what to make of the announcement. A platform that had so much promise and was intent on competing with the big boys with a truly [...]

HP Shows Why Its TouchPad Tablet is Different (and Better) Than the Competition

HP TouchPad Demo - Better TogetherRight now HP needs all the help it can get in letting the public know it's serious about the tablet space. As such, we're willing to give a helping hand. For the most part it seems many are excited by the possibility of what webOS on the TouchPad can bring. It's an open development platform, it offers [...]

HP to Bring Cloud-based Music and Movie Service to the TouchPad

HP TouchPad Cloud Music Service SlidePreCentral is reporting that HP has sent VIP contacts a PowerPoint presentation which details features and functions being developed for the HP TouchPad, Veer, and Pre 3. Turns out that in that presentation HP also unexpectedly revealed its plans for a cloud-based music and movie service. Interestingly, the service will cache tunes most likely to [...]

HP’s New TouchPad Takes Aim at the iPad

HP TouchPad Portrait / Landscape Mode GraphicIf you missed it earlier, HP had a big event and announcement. The company unveiled its new line of webOS devices. Later this year customers will be able to pick up a revamped, HP-branded Pre, called the Pre 3, a new micro sized phone called the Veer, and a new iPad rival dubbed the TouchPad. [...]