Best Buy Launches the TiVo-powered Insignia Connected TV

Insignia Connected TVLooks like Best Buy might have a winner on their hands. Best Buy just took the wraps off its Insignia Connected TV, which brings all the goodness of TiVo — sans DVR functionality and universal search — with a sprinkling of Chumby apps. According to Best Buy's VP of Product Management, the company decided to [...]

Chumby Grows Up – Now Available with a 8-inch 800×600 Touch Display

chumby8 Black Flickr PhotoChumby Industries today is introducing the chumby8, which brings a large display and a more powerful processor. It has access to Chumby's 1,500 app catalog, but does things with a bit more style. It has a new hardware and user interface design, red and black color options, as well as custom skins one can purchase from Skinit [...]

Chumby to Run on Android and Live on other Connected Devices

Chumby has an interesting article on the direction Chumby Industries CEO, Steve Tomlin, plans to take the company's platform. You may remember seeing the company's efforts to integrate Chumby into televisions, digital photo frames, and the like. Biggest hit for the company outside its own product lines has been the Sony Dash. Chumby also powers [...]

Sony’s ‘dash’ Personal Internet Viewer Gets Netflix Instant Video Streaming Functionality

Sony dash Personal Internet ViewerWow! If you thought the 7-inch (800x480) display, Chumby powered Sony dash was a neat little table-top infotainment device before, now you're really going to like it. Today Sony announced that the $199 dash will feature Netflix instant video streaming (and possibly Amazon Video On Demand) via its newly supported 1,500 app Sony BRAVIA Internet [...]

Sony Unveils the Chumby Powered ‘dash’ Personal Internet Viewer

Sony dash Personal Internet ViewerIf you've had your eye on the Chumby, but couldn't get yourself to pull the trigger because of the form factor or its miniture size, have a look at Sony's new dash Personal Internet Viewer available this April. For a $199 you'll get a Wi-Fi enabled infotaiment device with a 7-inch (800x480) touchscreen, built-in speakers, [...]

Chumby Intros Chumby One – Now with More Bang for the Buck

Chumby OneFor the most part, the original Chumby was a success for being a fairly low-cost, network enabled infotainment device that anyone could develop for and/or add nifty widget apps to (1,500+ total). Now, Chumby has improved upon the "Classic" and is introducing Chumby "One" (Compare), which now offers a faster 454MHz processor, rechargeable [...]

Chumby Widgets Leap into Digital Photo Frames, Televisions, and Other Connected Devices

[youtube=] This morning I stumbled on a press release from Broadcom announcing a partnership with Chumby to extend Internet-connected TVs, set-top boxes, and Blu-ray disc players with Chumby powered Widgets via Broadcom's system-on-a-chip solution. Then I jumped over to Chumby's news release section to see what other developments have been going on and it turns out [...]

Chumby Adds Pandora to Music Streaming Lineup

Chumby Now with PandoraThe folks behind Chumby are announcing that they've partnered with Pandora to provide owners to the cuddly device personalized radio stations and a new alarm clock feature which can be set to a Pandora station of choice. In addition, Chumby owners will now be able to view music videos via a widget powered by tipMotion [...]