Broadcom Creates Way Forward in Home Networking

broadcom_and_mocaSilicon that will use the future coaxial home networking standard, with a speed of 400Mbps, will be demonstrated by Broadcom next week at the International Consumer Electronics Show. In June 2010, the Multimedia over Coax Alliance's MoCA 2.0 standard was completed and the team anticipates that products will be certified under the standard this year.  It [...]

Consumers Demand Extensive and Smooth Connectivity

Broadcom Corporation has disclosed the results of a new customer survey carried out by JZ Analytics, showing a heightened demand for extensive and smooth connections. The survey results revealed by Broadcom are: Connecting in the home * Using online video: two-thirds of the people that participated in the survey said that they view over two videos per [...]

LG Smart TV and Smart TV Upgrader Demo at CES 2011

LG Smart TV Demo CES 2011LG in April will be releasing their first "Smart TV" to the market. The network enabled HDTV features a Nintendo Wii-like "Magic Remote" (powered by Hillcrest Labs' Freespace and Broadcom's BCM20730 chipset), DLNA support, 150 TV Apps (free and premium - i.e. Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU, etc.), and a web browser. Worth noting is that the [...]

Chumby Widgets Leap into Digital Photo Frames, Televisions, and Other Connected Devices

[youtube=] This morning I stumbled on a press release from Broadcom announcing a partnership with Chumby to extend Internet-connected TVs, set-top boxes, and Blu-ray disc players with Chumby powered Widgets via Broadcom's system-on-a-chip solution. Then I jumped over to Chumby's news release section to see what other developments have been going on and it turns out [...]