ARCHOS Takes on Chumby, Unveils the 35 Home Connect

ARCHOS 35 Home ConnectAt first glance the ARCHOS 35 Home Connect looks like a Chumby competitor — it's small, offers a touch display, and offers the ability to run apps. However, the 35 Home Connect is also a little different. For one... the display is only 3.5-inches and is saddled by two forward facing speakers. Two, it's capable [...]

ARCHOS Intros the DECT 35 Smart Home Phone Powered by Android

ARCHOS 35 Smart Home PhoneI still remember the first DECT Android / Wi-Fi smartphone prototype by DSP Group we saw back in March of 2010. Well, now we've got a real DECT Android phone coming to market for $159 from ARCHOS this September. According to the company's press release, "[The] phone is a light and stylish home phone that [...]

ARCHOS Unveils G9 Series 1.5Ghz Dual-core Android Tablets with Up to 250GB of Storage

ARCHOS G9Got to hand it to ARCHOS for trying and successfully differentiating themselves from the pack. ARCHOS just unveiled two new tablets — the 8-inch (4:3) ARCHOS 80 G9 and 10.1-inch (16:10) ARCHOS 101 G9 -- that offers the fastest processor, the highest storage capacity, and the most capable graphics (full 1080p H.264 video playback) out of any tablet [...]

ARCHOS Talks Up Its Gen 9 Super Tablets for June 2011 Release

ARCHOS Gen 9 SlideWe told you it was coming. Now we have a slide to take in, detailing what ARCHOS' Gen 9 tablets will be offering this June, courtesy of Le Journal du Geek. In a nutshell, the new tablets will be lighter, thinner, and stronger using ARCHOS patented technology. They will sport a dual-core 1.6GHz ARM A9 [...]

ARCHOS to Unveil a Super Tablet at IFA 2011

Android BumblebeeWe told you ARNOVA is ARCHOS' new budget brand. Well, now we're learning that ARCHOS has plans to take things up a notch and produce tablets on par with Apple's iPad 2 and Motorola's XOOM. According to a company rep. at CeBIT, ARCHOS will unveil a new high-end Android tablet at IFA this September. No [...]

ARNOVA Is ARCHOS’ Budget Brand

Charbax Arnova 8 Arnova 10 DemoThanks to Charbax at we finally know why ARCHOS decided to introduce the ARNOVA brand — our first ARNOVA sighting was the ARNOVA Web Radio & TV. It turns out ARNOVA is ARCHOS' budget line of devices with slightly lesser specs than ARCHOS' already competitively priced product line, which consists primarily of Android-based tablets. [...]

ARCHOS Unveils the ARNOVA Web Radio & TV

ARNOVA - Front ViewJust in case the Logitech Squeezebox Boom didn't do it for you, ARCHOS has taken the wraps off a new Wi-Fi Internet radio boombox called the ARNOVA Web Radio & TV. Not sure why ARCHOS felt compelled to call this product the ARNOVA (makes me think it's an ARCHOS knock-off from the streets of Beijing), [...]

ARCHOS 4, 7, and 10-inch Android Tablets Offer What You Need for Under $300

ARCHOS 4, 7, 10-inch Internet TabletsARCHOS has been a player in the Android tablet game for quite some time. Now the company has a new lineup of 5 products that should appeal to a variety users, however, the three higher-end models are the ones that our readers will be most interested in. The 4.3-inch handset (ARCHOS 43) is just like [...]