HP Intros the First Wi-Fi Mouse for Your PC

HP Wi-Fi Mobile MouseThis is actually a pretty wild concept. HP has figured out a way to use Wi-Fi for pair and operating a PC mouse wirelessly. What's more, the technology allows the 5-button mouse to work from up to 30 feet away and last for 9 months (twice the life of a similar Bluetooth mouse). Sign me [...]

PLEX for Roku Now Available via Private Channel

PLEX for Roku Displaying the Movie: 28 Days LaterHate the fact that Roku is not DLNA/UPnP compatible out of the box? Well, we do too. Luckily for everyone, PLEX, the biggest competitor to Boxee and the favorite media center solution for many Mac enthusiasts, has just announced that PLEX is now available to Roku users via its private channel selection. Essentially, you launch [...]

Yahoo! Acquires Social TV App IntoNow, Has the Potential to Make TV Invasive

IntoNow iPhone ScreenshotsThe big Social TV news of the day is that Yahoo! has just acquired the 12 week old company, IntoNow. When it first launched its Shazam/Foursquare-like service earlier this year I was excited by its potential to transform the way watch and share our TV experiences, but now I'm having second thoughts — thanks to [...]

Wirelessly Connect Speakers to Your PC with Plugable’s $36 Wireless Audio Kit

Plugable Wireless Audio Kit DiagramWe've seen a bunch of ways to wirelessly output audio from your PC to a stereo across the room, but none have looked as simple or inexpensive as the Plugable Wireless Audio Kit. Essentially, it's a wireless receiver and USB dongle that connects to your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC without drivers. Just plug it [...]

Apple’s AirPlay Private Key Exposed, Hackers Rejoice

Apple Airport Express Music Streaming via AirPlay GraphicApple just got some new unwanted press for its AirPlay technology today — a technology the company hopes to license to third-party software and hardware developers. A hacker has reverse engineered an AirPort Express to gain access to its AirPlay key that allows it to stream music from iTunes to AirPlay compatible devices. [via] To clarify [...]

EyeTV App for iOS Devices Gains AirPlay Functionality

Elgato EyeTV App on the iPadIt's pretty well established that Apple users heart Elgato's EyeTV products for managing live TV on their Mac and via their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch at home or remotely via a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Well, now Elgato has updated their $4.99 EyeTV app with AirPlay support so users can push live or previously [...]

Apple to Intro a Magazine Template for iPad Developers?

The Daily Intro GraphicThis is interesting news. Rumor has it that Apple is working on a magazine template that will leverage Apple Human Interface Guidelines and its developer toolkit, Xcode. The move is to help push forth a more unified and intuitive magazine app that users will instantly know how to use no matter who publishes it. The [...]

Apple Adds ‘Airplay-Enabled Apps’ Section to Its App Store

Airplay-enabled AppsLooking for iOS 4 apps that can take advantage of Apple's new Airplay feature? Hit this link and get privy to all the Airplay-enabled apps that will let you stream music, video, or audio to devices like the new Apple TV from your favorite iDevice. So far you've got a 11 to choose from. Highlights: [...]