XBMC and Boxee on Windows Get the Kinect Treatment, Courtesy of KinEmote

KinEmote Boxee DemoThought Kinect working with Windows Media Center was a cool? Check out the Kinect implementation for XBMC and Boxee. The KinEmote project, as its being called, uses the same PrimeSense drivers for Windows we saw demonstrated earlier, but the KinEmote devs have packaged them up in a way that's easy for people to install. Enjoy! Let us [...]

Higher Prices for Services Like Hulu Plus, Netflix, VUDU Most Likely Coming Due to FCC’s Net Neutrality Regulation

Roku XD|S Netflix GraphicToday the FCC voted 3-2 for "net neutrality" regulation that will allow broadband providers to charge alleged bandwidth hogging services a toll to run through their pipes. The neutrality bit comes from the fact that consumers won't be forced into paying for a "faster, less congested highway" and won't be blocked from accessing websites of their choosing (kind [...]

AirPlay Unofficially Finds Its Way to XBMC

XBMC AirPlay DemoOK, we've seen an AirPlay hack that allows an iDevice to zap content over to a Mac for playback as if it were an Apple TV. Now, we're seeing an iDevice, in this case an iPad, zap content over to XBMC running on Ubuntu / Linux. The python script, as you can see in the [...]

XBMC ‘Dharma’ 10.0 Released, Brings a Slew of Welcome Platform Enhancements

XBMC Grooveshark Add-onThe hard working devs behind XBMC are proud to announce that XBMC 10.0 is finally ready and available to the public. The major update now provides the ability for users to find new themes/skins, plugins/add-ons, and scrappers directly through the application itself — previously users had to scour XBMC's forums to find such enhancements. In [...]

Kinect Hand Gesture Control for Windows 7 and Media Center Anyone?

Evoluce Windows 7 Kinect DemoLooks like the guys at Evoluce have ran with the newly available OpenKinect drivers (freely available for Windows 7, Linux, and Mac OS X) and created a new multi-touch experience that we'll all soon get to enjoy. A demo of Evoluce's Kinect-enabled drivers in action are attached below running on a Windows 7 PC, manipulating [...]

iPad-friendly iXtreamer Networked Media Player Now on Sale

iXtreamer with Docked iPadGot an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and are considering buying a new Apple TV? Stop and have a look at Xtreamer's latest offering, the $226 iXtreamer networked media player. The device features an integrated dock, with charging capability, for your iDevices that will allow you to play your stored media (app support is planned) [...]

$99 Orb TV (SD) Launches, HDMI Version to Follow

Orb TV GraphicIf you remember a few months back, software developer, Orb, got into the hardware biz with its new Orb Music device. Soon thereafter we learned that a TV version of the product was under development. Well, folks, today Orb is introducing Orb TV (VP-1). The $99 device is capable of playing web video from any [...]

Hulu Plus Now Available to All for $7.99/mo

Hulu Plus on Sony Bravia HDTVHulu is announcing that its premium Hulu Plus service is now officially available to all US-based Hulu fans and can be accessed on any compatible device for $7.99/mo (previously $9.99/mo during the preview period). So if you're interested in watching every current season TV episode distributed through the service and tapping into a deeper library [...]