Microsoft Is Taking IPTV Serious on the Xbox As Evidence by Its New Media Remote

Xbox 360 Media RemoteBesides the new, slim Bluetooth headset you may have seen on some of the gadget and gaming sites this week, Microsoft also unveiled a new Xbox 360 Media Remote. It, of course, has buttons the mimic the A, B, X, Y buttons and D-pad navigation of the controller, but it also provides TV remote functionality [...]

Orb Live for iPhone Released, Brings PlayOn Style Entertainment to Your Phone without Fees

Orb Live ScreenshotsIf you remember back in November 2010, the folks at Orb decided to get into the hardware biz and released Orb TV, a $99 TV adapter that streamed media from your home PC running the company's Orb Caster software. Well, now Orb is out with Orb Live [iTunes - different than the free version], an app for [...]

Hauppauge Set to Launch a Dual Tuner USB CableCARD Receiver Later This Month

Hauppauge WinTV DCR 2650 Facebook PicHauppauge is teasing its Facebooks fans with pics of their upcoming CableCARD receiver, the Hauppauge WinTV-DCR-2650. It will be priced at $129 and will be available through the company's Amazon store later this month. No word on what the compatible platforms are, but most likely it will only be Windows Media Center 7 (WMC7). Anyone interested [...]

D-Link Announces Boxee Remote Availability for Mac and Windows PCs

Boxee Box Remote RenderingStill heart Boxee Box's two-sided QWERTY remote? Well, D-Link is announcing that you can now pick one up for $49.99 at,,, and Just do a quick search for model number "DSM-22" and it should pop right up. Remember... this is an RF remote, so you won't need line of sight like [...]

IOGEAR’s USB Theater Sound Xperience Brings Virtual Surround Sound to Your Stereo Speakers

IOGEAR USB Theater Sound XperienceLike watching movies on your laptop or PC? You might want to check out IOGEAR's new Windows-only $39.95 USB Theater Sound Xperience. It's essentially a USB audio processor encased in a transparent vacuum tube and does three things mainly: 1) it enhances signal clarity to improve the audio quality of dialog from a Blu-ray or DVD movie; 2) restores [...]

PlayOn Intros a DVR App for Online Video Called PlayLater

PlayLater Beta ScreenshotGot a Windows a PC with PlayOn already installed and a desire to have all your favorite online TV shows and movies queued and ready for viewing in Windows Media Player? Check out PlayOn's new PlayLater application that does just that. As you can see in the few screenshots available in the product guide [PDF], [...]

LaCie CloudBox Wants to Be Your Local Storage / Cloud Backup Server

LaCie CloudBox GraphicLaCie is out with a new product that they hope will get backup procrastinators on track. The LaCie CloudBox is designed to protect up to 10 local Mac and Windows PCs and then have the contents of those password protected and 128-bit AES encrypted backups mirrored to the cloud in case something disastrous happens at [...]

ARCHOS Unveils G9 Series 1.5Ghz Dual-core Android Tablets with Up to 250GB of Storage

ARCHOS G9Got to hand it to ARCHOS for trying and successfully differentiating themselves from the pack. ARCHOS just unveiled two new tablets — the 8-inch (4:3) ARCHOS 80 G9 and 10.1-inch (16:10) ARCHOS 101 G9 -- that offers the fastest processor, the highest storage capacity, and the most capable graphics (full 1080p H.264 video playback) out of any tablet [...]