Quick Poll: What Would You Rather Have Under Your TV?

Here's a poll that I predict will be very revealing (choices: Set-Top HTPC, Media Adapter, Networked DVR). Honestly, I have no idea which way it's going to go, but I'm looking forward to some heated discussions. Note: Polls are open to the public – VOTE NOW.

How Can We Improve eHomeUpgrade?

That's right! We want your suggestions on how we can improve the site in general. Please let us know which features we should consider implementing, what type of content we should focus on, frequency of posts, preferences in writing style, etc. In return, you might be one of five random giveaway winners to take home [...]

Quick Poll: Have You Lost Interest in Apple Releasing a Video iPod?

Not sure about you, but we're so over waiting for a Video iPod. What's your take? Still think Apple will hit a home run with a Video iPod, or will it be a foul ball if it ever comes out? Thanks in advance for your participation and feel free to leave comments on the topic [...]

Quick Poll: DRM, How Do You Feel about It?

To better serve our readers, we would like to get a reading on how everyone feels about DRM (Digital Rights Management). We've put together five questions that most consumers of digital media now face or will face in the future. Thanks for your participation and feel free to leave comments on the topic – VOTE [...]

Quick Poll: Who’s Interested in a Debian Linux Desktop Quick Start Guide?

I'll admit it... since Microsoft started releasing details about Windows Vista and all its integrated DRM features, I have been experimenting with Debian GNU/Linux on my Intel x86 platform PC (aka a traditional Pentium equipped PC). Being the case, I've learned quite a bit on how to install and setup a Linux desktop, and the [...]

eHU Giveaway: Network Magic Bundle

Pure Networks, the leading provider of home networking software and services, has generously provided us with 8 giveaway bundles. Each bundle consists of a Network Magic software license (good for up to 5 networked home computers) and a Network Magic branded 65MB USB storage key. Two winners will be chosen at random each week until [...]

eHomeUpgrade Server Move

Greetings everyone! You may have noticed that eHomeUpgrade has been out of commission for the past week. This was due to the fact that our web hosting company booted us for using too much of their server resources. The good news is that we're now using a dedicated server, BUT there are still some technical [...]

eHU Giveaway: Meedio Essentials + Meedio HouseBot Bundle

Meedio, one the leading innovators in both the HTPC and home control space, has supplied us with 5 bundled licenses of Meedio Essentials and Meedio HouseBot to giveaway – each prize pack is valued at $159.90. So if you've been holding off on building your own HTPC machine or want to try a super versatile [...]