Facebook Really Does Want to Enter the Social TV Space

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Andy Mitchell, SVP of Strategic Partner Development at Facebook, pitched to attendees of PromaxBDA this past Wednesday, according to Adweek, that Facebook could become a partner to TV providers by helping their customers find relevant programming from a sea of 500+ channels by leveraging one’s social graph. In other words, Facebook would provide a real-time feed to broadcasters based on their friends’ TV show likes (and possibly check-ins). Mitchell sees this as a “real opportunity is creating a [TV] experience in which one or two or three of your friends share [their] viewing experiences,” he said which “get[s] people to become recruiters for your show.”

Mitchel may be right… but he might also be wrong. With all the Social TV apps available, I haven’t once been compelled to watch a show that a friend liked or rated in my Twitter stream. TV is personal. And like most things, your interests vary from someone else’s — even if they are your “friends.” However, seeing which shows are popular in my TV program guide amongst my friends may, in fact, get me to check out a show or movie that I’m not familiar with. What about you? What are your thoughts? Do you even care about the shows your “friends” are watching?

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