Nokia Jumps in Head First with a Slew of NFC + Bluetooth Wireless Music Devices

nokia md 310 demo

I’m still in awe of Nokia’s newly introduced N9 smartphone. However, Nokia pulled out another show stopper today, a new line of wireless music devices. The company is introducing NFC + Bluetooth equipped wireless headphones, portable Hi-Fi speaker (Play 360° - €149), and wireless music receiver adapter for your home stereo (MD-310 - €59). There’s also a NFC + Bluetooth headset one can use with the their phone, but I’ll leave that for the phone sites to comment on. What’s fascinating about these devices is that all you need to do to establish a connection is just tap your NFC compatible phone against the device and the audio from your phone starts playing immediately. And being that they’re all Bluetooth enabled, computers can join in the fun as well.

Credit: Engadget



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