Boxee Update for PC/Mac/Linux Coming Fall 2011, Cites Priorities As Reason for Delay

boxee box by dlink

Wow, really? So the reason everyone is using the old version of Boxee on their computer is because the team has focused on “priorities, growth, and the future of Boxee.” Head honcho, Avner Ronen, says the update for PC/Mac/Linux won’t come until later this Fall, which will bring an “updated browser, improved playback, and lots more content that are currently available on the Boxee Box.” So, there you go… now you know why your beloved Boxee software has been stagnant while XBMC and PLEX have continued to push out new updates on a pretty active pace. For additional details, jump to the company’s blog post (you may need to have your “world’s smallest violin” at the ready). On a serious note, though, Boxee is a for profit company with limited resources, so they had to make the call on what makes the most sense for them business-wise.

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  • Guy Holmes

    Great, don’t dis,it’s still the Best out there!  I love my Boxee on my PC