Lockitron Turns Your Door Lock Into a Wirelessly Controlled Mechanism (Supports NFC, Too!)

lockitron video demo

If you have the desire for wireless entry to your home, as well as for friends and family, have a look at Lockitron’s new $295 offering. The company will ship out a deadbolt, door handle / knob, buzzer, or mortise compatible door lock, with matching finish when possible, to your home that you can install. The lock communicates with Lockitron’s servers via your home’s wireless router making it capable of using a smartphone app to lock or unlock the door. It also works via text message and, even better, NFC (chip available on the Android-powered Nexus S) with a simple swipe of your phone across the lock. Check out the demo below.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/user0 Sergej Metelin

    What about when they switch off electricity, for instance? :)

  • Alex Lewis

    You could install a UPS for critical power only, e.g. these locks, certain lights, etc.