Chromebox Could be the Ultimate Family Computer

samsung chromebox

Earlier today Google I/O attendees got a sneak peek of a new Chrome OS product for home and office dubbed the Chromebox. At first glance one doesn’t know what to make of the Samsung produced device. Chrome OS currently is already a bit of challenge for people to wrap their heads around, if they’re stuck in the traditional PC paradigm. So what will one think of a fixed placement device? After eating lunch and thinking about it, I came to the conclusion: the Chromebox could actually be the ultimate family PC.


Chromebox can literally be setup in about 3 minutes, it can’t be affected by viruses, its OS is continuously updated and improved upon in regular cycles at no charge, anyone with a Gmail account can jump on and use it with sync’d personal settings, and it’s completely secure in the sense that the hard drive is 100% encrypted and all your data and files are pretty much stored in the cloud. As such, the Chromebox will be a dream for family members to share. And aging parents can jump online in an instant, never having to worry about the OS or bother anyone to help them maintain their computer. This last point is the very reason why I’ll be buying one for my parent this Christmas, if it’s available by then.

Chrome OS talk at 38:45, Chromebox appears at 1:00:00

I like the Chromebook (I was lucky enough to receive the Cr-48 as part of the Chrome OS pilot program), but sharing a notebook isn’t ideal for a household. Letting a friend quickly login in Guest mode… no problem. The Chromebox will most likely have similar or better specs than Chromebooks and they will support — I believe they said — multiple monitors. HD video playback and gaming shouldn’t be a problem either. So, as you can see, Chromebox has more going for it than what you’ve may have initially thought. Hackers may even find it a fun device to leverage in developer mode (my Cr-48 runs both Chrome OS and Ubuntu).

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