Roku Users Gain Access to Crackle’s Catalog of Free, Ad-supported Feature Films and TV Shows

roku crackle channel graphic

If you’re a regular Hulu or Hulu Plus user, you’ve probably noticed that Crackle provides a fair share of full-length movies and TV shows on the service. Well, Crackle now has its own FREE channel on Roku. The ad-supported service (U.S. only) provides 20 new movie titles to users per month, from sources like Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Screen Gems, and Sony Pictures Classics. According to Roku’s press release, Crackle, which launched quietly a week ago, is already a Top 5 installed and watched channel. With movies like The Da Vinci Code, Ghostbusters, Mr. Deeds, Snatch, A Few Good Men, and The Patriot currently playing, it’s really no surprise why.

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  • Deborah Van Hoose

    Yes, it’s fantastic. Just noticed it, and the mini-ads don’t bother me in the least (I also have Hulu Plus). Adding Crackle’s line-up to my Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Plus assures that I never lack for finding great content to watch on demand. Roku is the best thing ever to happen to my TV. Watching the Da Vinci Code on Crackle right now, and I’m stoked to add this channel! Thanks Sony & Roku for Crackle – :)