Intel Intros the SSD 510 with SATA 3.0 (500MB/s Read) in 120GB and 250GB Storage Capacities

intel ssd 510

For those still nursing the whiplash of Intel’s Thunderbolt news, you’ll be happy to learn that Intel has just released their speediest SSD-based SATA drive to date [press release]. Unfortunately, it’s still a long ways from taking advantage of Thunderbolt’s bi-directional 10Gb/s transfer rates (effective: 1.25GB/s). The SSD 510, nonetheless, boasts an impressive 500MB/s read, 315MB/s write speeds and leverages SATA 3.0, which, FYI, the 6Gb/s interface has the capacity to provide a max throughput of 768MB/s. OK, with all that geeky tech talk out of the way. How does it actually perform? See for yourself below. Intel has produced a series of demos placing its 34nm NAND flash memory SSD 510 against Western Digital’s 600GB VelociRaptor WD6000HLHX (10,000RPM / 6Gb/s SATA 3.0).

Bottom line: Intel SSD 510 boots faster and loads programs quicker than the fastest disc-based hard drives. However, the benefit comes at a price. Currently one can only purchase the drives in a 1,000 unit lot: 250GB @ $584 and 120GB @ $284. The same WD6000HLHX retails for $318, but can be picked up at Amazon for $249.99 today. Or you may want to seek out a OCZ Vertex 3 SSD with 500MB/s READ & WRITE capabilities due later this year.




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  • Anonymous

    >> Currently one can only purchase the drives in a 1,000 unit lot

    The 1000-unit price is for wholesalers. Anyone can buy these right now, one at a time, on Amazon.

  • Alexander Grundner

    Thanks for the update. I did a quick search… Amazon, as of today, has the 120GB model for $310.25 and 250GB for $659.99.