Founder Launching, a DVR-like Service for Internet Radio

dar fm launch presentation

Michael Robertson, the founder and former CEO of, announced yesterday at the Launch Conference that his next project will be a DVR-like service for Internet Radio called, which stands for Digital Audio Recorder. According to Robertson, the service provides a searchable list of talk and music stations that one selects to record (now or at a preset time) and then can listen to the recordings via a PC web browser, mobile device, or digital media streamer. also does a nice job of breaking the available stations down by location, genre, and even radio station call letters. The geeky amongst us may be thinking: Hey, I can make a script and leverage CRON to do just this. Well, the service also has another neat trick… it lets users listen and navigate to individual songs in a recording similar to how it’s done with a music player application. Additional details provided in the presentation below.


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