Jolicloud OS Aims to Modernize Your Old (or New) Desktop with the Power of the Cloud

jolicloud interface with gmail notifications

Jolicloud, best known as a hybrid native & web app focused OS for netbooks, is casting its net to include desktop PCs, in particular ones with 10+ year old NVIDIA video cards. The announcement may not sound like much on the surface. However, when you consider that Google is planning to bring Chrome OS to desktops and rumors that HP will do the same with WebOS (note: HP has already stated they’re bringing WebOS to Windows-based PCs as an application layer for the time being), it all begins to makes sense. Jolicloud is trying to get a leg up on the competition by providing a compelling platform that merges native (Linux/Ubuntu-based) software applications with web apps that all synchronize with Jolicloud’s web servers to provide a unified experience when logged into any Jolicloud-powered PC or web client like the new Jolicloud HTML5 Chrome Web App (additional details). Personally, I really like the idea of an OS that can handle native and web apps seamlessly through the same interface — not just support one or the other.

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