Samsung Shows How Uncomplicated Activating a Blockbuster or Netflix TV App Is

samsung netflix tv app activation demo

Well, I guess you can say it’s easy — if you don’t mind jumping back and forth between your TV and PC. As you’ll see below, activating a TV app on some services, like Blockbuster and Netflix, requires one to grab an authorization code from the provider’s website to enter into the app’s settings. If you’re familiar with how Apple TV and iTunes pairs up [PDF - pg. 20], you’ll pick this procedure up pretty easily as well. Now I’m just wondering why one can’t just enter their account username and password for each service? Guessing it must too difficult with the bundled remote or the providers have requested an extra security feature that targets each individual device. Aside: What’s up with the Netflix app? You can only select films you’ve added to your queue through a PC web browser (ugh).

UPDATE: a new Netflix app, with all the latest bells and whistles, has just rolled out (perfect timing, right?). It should show up when you refresh the TV set’s firmware.



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