Foursquare Dips Its Toes in Social TV

foursquare bravo promo

Location check-in service, Foursquare, today is proudly announcing its partnership with Bravo to highlight members’ names, faces, and locations who check-in during Andy Cohen’s Live New Year’s Eve Special live on TV. Foursquare writes on its blog: “Bravo is super psyched to give our users the chance to get their face on TV. It’s the first time anything like this has been done, and we’re excited to make you all a part of it.” In order to participate in the event, members must begin following Bravo and then check-in when the show begins. So… how does that work for people on the west coast? A quick search of their blog shows that Foursquare has had a similar TV partnership with VH1 for members to unlock a badge, and possibly win a prize, by checking in when a particular music video is aired.

Aside: the best social integration I’ve seen to date is MTV’s own twitter stream during live events, as well as Oxygen’s spin where they highlight actual tweets and facebook status updates (with profile pics) alongside live TV content.

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