AirPlayer Hack Turns Your Mac into an AirPlay Compatible Device

airplayer demo

Jealous that Windows users can stream content from their DLNA enabled smartphones to Windows Media Player on a PC for playback? Well, fear not. TUAW’s resident hacker, Erica Sadun, has created a freeware (ad-supported) Mac OS X application called AirPlayer that creates and advertises a custom Bonjour AirPlay service similar to Apple TV (underlying code is based on her previous AirPlay hack discoveries). Once AirPlayer is installed on the host computer, iOS users can then select the named AirPlayer equipped computer from the drop-down options of available AirPlay compatible devices. The video below shows how things work. What do you think? See yourself zapping content regularly from your iDevice to your Mac? [via]

Aside: Check out AirVideoEnabler (available via Cydia) to add AirPlay functionality to some of your favorite desktop apps (2nd video below)



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