Google TV Provides a Native ‘Quick Fix’ to Accessing Hulu

google tv browser settings

Sweet! While most of us haven’t been lucky enough to play with Google TV on the Logitech Revue or Sony’s new Internet TV line, we’re finding out that troublesome sites who like to block networked media players from accessing their content have met their match with Google TV. It turns out you can easily switch the browser user agent setting from “Advanced” (default) to “Generic,” which will do the trick to access content from — no need to wait for a Hulu Plus Google TV app (though I’m guessing, if you have a Hulu Plus account already, you should be able to access Hulu’s premium content as well). So what’s happening in the background, you ask? Switching the user agent mode to Generic tells websites when visiting that it’s a standard Chrome web browser — just like the one on your desktop. Additional details and screenshots here. FYI, there’s also a “Custom Value” setting option that should also allow your Google TV browser to impersonate other browsers via their user agent profile strings (see list).

UPDATE 11/11/2010: The hack no longer works. Here’s the reason why (possible fix may eventually come).

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  • Sorin Marghitoiu

    has anybody tested Netflix on Google TV yet? Review Horizon mentions that it uses the old style interface and it doesn’t allow search.. .

  • Anonymous

    This is one great development in using Google TV. Just wondering how many people have already tried this program and their feedback on it as many people are hesitant in getting it due to its price.

  • HowsTheHope

    Google and Logitech have dragged their feet on the Honeycomb update for so long it is difficult to regain any level of enthusiasm.
    They’re turning into always ‘someday’ and never ‘today’.
    It’s really getting old.