Kindle Owners Tend to be Wealthy and Educated, iPad Owners Tend to be Under 35 and Male

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The Nielsen Company earlier this week released the results of a study consisting of 5,000 consumers who own a tablet computer, eReader device, netbook, portable media player, and/or smartphone. To say the least, the results were interesting. We’ve heard before that Apple customers are generally more affluent and hip (and some say sexier) than the general tech consumers, so hearing that Kindle owners top them in both yearly earnings and education level is a bit of a pleasant and unexpected surprise. But advertisers shouldn’t fret, iPad owners are more receptive to interactive ads and making purchases online using their device than the rest. Now they just need to shrug off an earlier study that found iPad owners to be elite and selfish. Attached below is Nielsen’s panel discussion on the topic. You’ll discover that tablets like the iPad open up new opportunities for media companies, in terms of usage, that smartphones don’t or can’t offer.

Aside: Put me down as one of the 1 in 10 smartphone owners who finds advertising on a smartphone “acceptable.” The way I look at is… if I’m going to pay for a premium data plan in order to surf the web and download apps (free and pay-for), I shouldn’t be subjected to ads unless I’m benefiting in some way.

Who owns connected devices?

  • iPad owners skew younger and more male. Sixty-five percent of them are male and 63 percent of them are under the age of 35.
  • Kindle owners tend to be wealthier. Forty-four percent of them make more than $80,000/year compared to 39 percent of iPad owners and 37 percent of iPhone owners. They also tend to have more education: 27 percent of Kindle owners have Master’s degrees or doctorates.




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