Apple TV to Run on Apple’s iPad?

apple ipad with apple tv

A couple of interesting Apple TV developments today. First off, a hacker has figured out how to get Apple TV, which is really an iOS app called Lowtide, to run — though a bit hobbled — on a 4th generation iPod touch (see video below). There’s also clues that Apple may port Lowtide for use on the iPad to create an instant Apple TV experience that ties into Apple’s streaming servers and perhaps can even be used as an AirPlay destination device for other iOS devices, according to TUAW. My 2-cents: Why not? If Apple TV comes to the iPad it would be no different than using Front Row or Windows Media Center on a PC — but in this case its through a tablet with an integrated display (something the Windows 7 powered HP Slate would have had several months back).


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  • andrewmclaughlin

    Interesting. The fact that it's an App will make it hard to crack the App, but it should be easy enough to get 3rd party apps on there. I'm not enturely sure that this isn't part of their strategy. Sort of reminds me of the NSLU2 strategy.