Apple Partners with Rovi for Something Big in the Living Room

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This morning we’re learning that Rovi Corporation (formerly known as Macrovision) has disclosed in an SEC filing that they have signed a “multi-year agreement” to license their intellectual property to Apple. The terms of the agreement are confidential, but we can assume that Apple will take some, if not all, of Rovi’s infotainment platform and protected media streaming solutions for use in its products (see summaries below). While Apple TV in its present form doesn’t provide linear TV support (yet), Apple TV may very well integrate Rovi’s “Everything Guide” for content discovery and context. Interestingly, Rovi as of late has also expanded their programming guide to offer interactive advertising opportunities — a feature I’m sure Apple would very be interested in leveraging with iAd. [via]

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For CE Manufacturers

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    Nice find. Everyone else playing with VLC on their iPads.