Boxee to Get a Full WebKit Browser

boxee beta homescreen

Huh, looks like the folks at Boxee are taking my advice from an earlier report I wrote for their strategy partner regarding the Boxee Box. (Of course, I’ll never get any credit or “the job.” BTW, the suggestion wasn’t well received at the time.) Boxee, according to NewTeeVee, is announcing that they’re replacing their anemic Boxee Browser with a full WebKit browser — the same rendering engine that powers Chrome and Safari — to tap the open web for TV optimized HTML5 web apps, which Google TV has been pushing. Good for them… particularly for its users who will also see the browser in the Boxee desktop client this November. No word if one will be able to actually surf the entire web with it, though, or how, if at all, it will be able to bookmark web apps. Maybe next up we’ll see unified search being integrated to find local and online media content — another idea I proposed.

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  • Glenn Blinckmann

    Hey, maybe they’ll even use Chromium!

  • Glenn Blinckmann

    Hey, maybe they'll even use Chromium!

  • andrewmclaughlin

    The key here really is that it should be difficult for Hulu to block the webkit browser. Hulu, however, has been extremely crafty in its ability to block unauthorized streamers to TVs.