A Quick Look at Google TV’s Unified Search & Queue

google tv comic con 2010 demo

StuffWeLike posted a Google TV demo recorded Comic-Con 2010. What’s interesting about the video is that you can get a feel for how Google TV will integrate with the built-in functionality of DISH Network’s set-top box (which may cost subscribers $3/mo for the privilege), how unified search looks, and how the queue — containing your audio/video podcasts, web subscriptions, DVR recordings — populates with the freshest content and how it can be filtered to easily track down what you’re looking for. Another thing I noticed is that the wireless keyboard used in the demo has a fairly large trackpad where the numeric keypad would normally be. FYI, Logitech has an iPhone and Android app for their Revue product that will allow you to move the cursor on-screen and input text via a handset as well. Something tells me that instead of people fighting over the remote, we’re going to see people fighting over the keyboard. Wondering: Would a second-screen tablet option really be any better than Google’s on-screen offering if it were the main TV control device in a multi-person household? [via]


google tv comic con 2010 demo keyboard closeup
Keyboard Closeup

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