Canonical Announces the Release of uTouch for Ubuntu OS

utouch two finger gestures

This week Canonical, the backers of Ubuntu, announced that the next release of Ubuntu 10.10 will ship with a multi-touch and gesture stack called uTouch, which integrates all the way down to the kernel level. uTouch will include an open source gesture recognition engine and gesture API that software developers can tap into that will make their applications 1/2/3/4 finger touch aware (devs can have a looks at the guidelines here via Mark Shuttleworth). As you’re probably wondering: How many apps out of the box will support this new feature? The answer most likely is… just a few at introduction. However, a group in Toulouse France called LII-ENAC Labs has been on the case before the official uTouch announcement. The technology they’re helping develop is called GINN, a daemon service which can “listen” for gestures on a touchscreen or input device and then translate them to “common keypress events.” Truth be told… I’m pretty blown away by GINN. A demo of what it can do is attached below. As you’ll see it adds touch capabilities to applications that don’t natively support it — and that’s a good thing while developers are working on integrating uTouch support.

Hat tip to OMG! Ubuntu! for posting details on the Ginn project.

GINN: demo w/ Evince (PDF Reader)

GINN: demo w/ Inkscape (Adobe Illustrator alternative)

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