Sneak Peek: Silverlight-Powered byRemote App for Windows Phone 7

byremote sneak peek screenshots

Niall Ginsbourg has posted a few screenshots and details of his forthcoming Silverlight-powered Big Screen byRemote app for Windows Phone 7. Unlike the current HTML browser-based version he’s has available, this new app will work natively on Windows Phone 7 and provide a much richer experience on par to the byRemote desktop client, which provides remote access to Media Center’s EPG, metadata, and scheduling capabilities. Visually, as you can see, the app looks gorgeous. He hopes to have the app ready for launch when actual Windows Phone 7 handsets start shipping, so stay tuned. If you like this app, you may like Meteor for Windows Phone 7 (different developer).

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    Seems cool, black always represents cool for me, I like that.