Android Powered Motorola Tablet with Verizon Wireless / FiOS TV Support Coming in Fall 2010

This is potentially big news. The Financial Times is reporting that Motorola is working with Verizon to release a 10-inch Android tablet in Fall 2010 that will leverage its wireless network for data and have the ability to work with its FiOS TV service, which Motorola has a hand in as well — at the set-top level. No word on how that tablet will work with the FiOS TV service, but one can assume that live TV viewing and EPG, DVR access will be rolled in. The Financial Times further states that it is expected that the Motorola tablet will support Flash, work as a hotspot for other Wi-Fi devices, be thinner and lighter than the iPad, and include a rear and front-facing camera for video conferencing. Personally, this sounds pretty good. Definitely interested to see how the DROID aesthetic will translate to a tablet device.

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