Research In Motion Next to Ship a Media Tablet?

blackpad mobilecrunch graphic

It’s been discovered that Research In Motion has taken ownership of the domain. It was reported in April that RIM bought an unspecified number of 8.9-inch touchscreens from a supplier in China, which got the tablet rumor-mill going. Now it’s anyone’s guess if a BlackPad device is imminent — but it does seem more likely now. FYI, RIM has an event August 3rd with AT&T to showoff BlackBerry OS 6. Will we get a sneak peek of the BlackPad? Aside: What do you think of all these “pad” device names — iPad, PalmPad, and now BlackPad?

UPDATE: Bloomberg confirms an iPad rival from RIM called the BlackPad will indeed by be launching this November. Pricing will be inline with the iPad at around $499. It’s said the the device will have a 9.7-inch touchscreen, rear and front-facing camera, and include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. 3G data, supposedly, will only come via the Bluetooth connection when tethered to a phone.

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