Ubuntu: ‘We Have No Plans for a Tablet’

innoversal pixelqi ubuntu tablet computex 2010

Wow, the original reports were wrong (1, 2). Ubuntu has no intention of getting into the tablet biz. Ubuntu’s official Community Manager, Jono Bacon, responded to a question on the topic via UStream (00:18:55) on 6/16 by saying: “Folks, we have no plans for a tablet. So we’re clear… not that I’m aware of anyway. Um, I’m pretty hooked into Canonical, but we have no plans for a tablet.” The company’s main focus with Ubuntu Light is only for netbooks at this time. With that said, however, Ubuntu Light will be getting multi-touch support and, supposedly, an on-screen keyboard in the October release of Maverick Meerkat — so in theory a tablet could be made by OEMs and DIYers (as already shown at Computex 2010 by Innoversal using UNE).

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