Windows 7 Powered HP Slate on the Chopping Block

hp slate discussion video

Tough day for Windows users. Earlier we learned Microsoft would not be bringing their most exciting product in years to market, the Courier Booklet. Now TechCrunch is claiming that the HP Slate is being terminated and will not launch this Summer as expected, according to “a source who’s been briefed on the matter.” Whew…. Guess all the negative feedback across the ‘net — mainly from Apple/iPad fanboys — about the device’s netbook internals, 5 hour use battery, and the fact it was running a full desktop version of Windows 7 got back to them. Even so… there were plenty of people looking forward to its launch. Or, maybe, they just reconsidered their strategy after the purchase of Palm/WebOS. Whatever the reason, Windows users have come out the losers today and HP lost a little face in my book for pulling the rug from under potential customers’ feet (though I am looking forward to seeing what kind of tablet they come up with using WebOS).

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