Google Testing TV / Web Search on DISH Network Set-top Boxes

isb corp android stb prototype

No definitive word if Google is developing an Android-based satellite set-top box with DISH Network, but the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google has been testing software with a small group of employees since last year that allows them to search DISH Network’s TV programming, get related web content to their queries, and create a personalized lineup of shows. Of course, as you would expect, the software integrates Google’s on-screen ad placement technologies. WSJ further reports that Google has been “prodding” a range of TV service providers and hardware makers to make use of its Android-based technologies for some time now. However, as the WSJ points out, convincing cable and satellite companies who closely guard their set-top box software and their overall programming experience isn’t going to be easy. So are Android-based cable/satellite set-top boxes and networked HDTVs something we’ll be seeing in the future? It looks like there may be a good chance of that. Attached image above is ISB Corp’s Android STB prototype shown in May of 2009.

UPDATE 5/17: reports Google, Intel, and Sony are cooking up some kind of Android powered TV set-top box. Google, supposedly, is also working with Logitech to create a keyboard remote for use with the device.

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  • Fuzal

    Nice!! I wonder when this will be available to the public.