Zune Marketplace for Mac OS X?

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Mary Jo Foley has an interesting post up at ZDNet which hints that Microsoft may soon be targeting its Zune Pass music subscription service to the iPod and iPhone via Windows. Microsoft’s Jose Pinero, Director of Communications for Microsoft’s TV, Video and Music Business, told Foley that “We are evaluating a lot of options in terms of platforms.” Interestingly, Foley says she’s already using Zune Pass with her non-Zune Sony Walkman MP3 player. Foley believes, after speaking with Pinero, that the future of Zune is “all about software and services and not hardware.” I say: It sounds like we’ll be seeing a Zune iPhone app. However, I think there’s also a distinct possibility that Microsoft will soon take a page out of Apple’s playbook and release a Zune Marketplace app for Mac OS X like Apple did with iTunes on Windows. What do you say? Remember, there are lot of Xbox 360 (with Zune Marketplace) owners out there who are Mac users.

Aside: Did you know that the Zune music service was compatible with Mac and Linux? I didn’t. Jose Pinero says that Zune Pass is not limited to Internet Explorer and works with any browser.

* In case you’re curious, Mary Jo Foley responds to a commenter on how she’s able to use Zune’s service on her Sony MP3 player.

You just take your downloaded music from your Zune subscription folder and you queue it up in Windows Media Player. Then sync your Walkman to Media Player, and voila! Of course, if/when your Zune subscription expires, any Zune-downloaded music stops working on the Walkman, too. MJ

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