VUDU Becomes an Embeddable Platform, Adds Brightcove Content

entone media hub running vudu

Not listening to any of the nay-sayers, VUDU is taking additional strides to remain competitive in the challenging video on-demand market it does business in. Earlier this month the company announced a partnership with Entone, an IPTV set-top manufacture who provides equipment to 70 US-based companies with 200,000 subscribers (numbers via NewTeeVee). The partnership will bring VUDU’s platform and its entire collection of movie and TV titles to Entone’s next generation media hubs that are slated to be released in June.

In addition, VUDU and Brightcove have joined forces to enable Brightcove’s customers to bring their content to the living room via VUDU and keep their current monetization strategy intact. First to participate is Sony who will have a MyPlay application in the VUDU Labs area that will allow users to access a library of Sony Music videos.

Quick thoughts:
Obviously the move to make VUDU an embeddable platform is a strategic move that may pay off handsomely. People generally don’t like to buy a dedicated device just to access a particular service. So, now by expanding their reach to third-party set-tops, VUDU is laying the groundwork for its long-term strategy / survival. We just have to see if VUDU can continue to deliver a service that its competitors aren’t already providing — or do it in a way that makes VUDU the better choice (be it by video quality, selection, or price).

As for the Brightcove partnership, I think it’s brilliant. Enabling content producers to keep their online monetization strategy intact while at the same time providing compelling content to consumers on their TV at no charge is a win-win. I hope Hulu someday warms up to the same idea and begins working with set-top makers to deliver their content to the living room in the same way.

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