Get PlayOn Server Content in Windows Media Center with vmcPlayIt

vmcplayit screenshots

If you’re running MediaMall’s PlayOn server application ($39.99 – 14 day free trial available) on your Windows Vista PC, you’re gonna be ecstatic to learn that a freeware add-in called vmcPlayIt has been released that will display available Netflix, Amazon VOD, Hulu, YouTube, CBS, CNN, ESPN content directly through the Windows Vista Media Center and Media Center Extender interface. Overall, the integration looks pretty solid from the screenshots available. Give it a spin and let us know how well it works for you. [via]

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  • dudericious

    I installed playon trial.
    Then vmcPlayIt.
    Not bad.
    It takes a while for a show to start up when selected.
    But when it starts it’s pretty bad ass.