Manage Your Ripped DVD Collection with Multiplex on Mac OS X

multiplex screenshot

Sure there are plenty of people out there who have a large collection of ripped DVD movies stored on their computers, but how many of those are leveraging a movie manager like Multiplex that lets them search their library, attaches movie metadata, provides high-resolution cover art, and wraps it in a mac-inspired management interface? I’d say probably not many – and that’s a shame. Because for $35 ($25 if you buy v1.0 now) you can get the features mentioned above, plus you can look forward to getting full-screen, stadium, cover-flow, and grid views, as well as, LAN based movie streaming functionality compatible with Boxee, PS3, and other UPnP devices / platforms in coming point release updates (all of which are free upgrades). [via]

Aside: Need help with DVD ripping on the Mac? Macworld has put together an excellent resource guide you can check out here.

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  • Tim

    Seems like a well done product with a nice interface.. it’s a shame that there aren’t any Vista-based products for media organization that look as good.

  • Alexander Grundner

    You might want to look at Open Media Library and Media Browser for Vista Media Center:

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