RipNAS Mini Windows Home Server Hits the Scene

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The newly released RipNAS by mCubed GmbH has a lot to like. This diminutively sized, passively cooled network attached storage (NAS) server is actually a lossless CD ripper and Windows Home Server rolled into one device. What’s more, RipNAS is an extremely energy-efficient product due to the fact that it has no fans, uses a notebook sized 2.5-inch HDD, and leverages the Intel Atom processor. On the digital media serving front, RipNAS can stream media to any device or player that supports UPnP / DLNA, Linn DS, and iTunes DAAP. Interestingly, the RipNAS comes equipped with a DVD / CD drive, which leads me to believe that beyond CD ripping the product can be expanded — via a WHS add-on — to ripping DVD movies as well. RipNAS is available in 320GB, 640GB and 1TB configurations and supports storage expansion via third-party external USB drives or additional RipNAS Storage Boxes that you can stack under the product.

Introducing RipNAS, the world’s smallest, quietest and easiest to use Ripper with NAS

Pre-configured to work right out of the box, no computer, keyboard, LCD or computer skills are required to run RipNAS, so customers can say goodbye to audio CD clutter and move your media into the convenience of the digital age smoothly and hassle-free.

RipNAS combines and perfects Audio CD ripping, Network Attached Storage and Media Streaming in one easy to use small stylish fanless box.

Audio CDs are ripped and stored losslessly and securely saved by duplication. Audio files are shared for streaming through the network to a multitude of Network audio players available as Sonos, Logitech Squeezebox, uPNP/DLNA compatible players and iTunes DAAP (Apple).
Windows Home Server is the OS of choice, offering complete home network backup for all family Windows PCs.

CD Ripping is just done 2 steps:
1) The user inserts Audio CD in the slot-in DVD of the RipNAS and the metadata is retrieved from 4 providers (AMG, GD3, MusicBrainz, freedb) with quality album art, spelling mistakes are automatically corrected using PerfectMeta™. CD is ripped using the renowned dBpoweramp ripping engine to a lossless format of choice, then audio files are automatically shared for streaming.
2) Around 3-4 minutes later CD is ejected, ready for the next disc.

Secure RipNAS models check ripped files for errors against AccurateRip, re-ripping the track if errors are detected and potentially recovering the error (scratches, etc), in-accurate tracks are separated to a different folder.

RipNAS uses eco-friendly mobil technologies with Intel Atom inside. RipNAS is fanless, small and powersaving.

RipNAS is available with 640GB, but can grow with your digital library over the years through the adding of USB HDDs. A range of matching RipNAS storage boxes are available and are placed under RipNAS, adding up to 4TB RipNAS in an impressively small 23 x 24 x 9 cm form factor.

RipNAS is available now for 1095,- EUR incl. VAT and available at specialized HFX dealers or online at or

RipNAS was developed in cooperation with Illustrate Ltd. (UK), and is completely manufactured by mCubed in Austria.

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  • Alex Fedyashov

    That stuffed bunny can create enough static electricity to fry the electronics of the RipNAS. It can then be referred to just RIP because the Nas will no longer work.

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  • JohnCz

    That is one fantastic looking Windows Home Server. Interestingly, one image I have seen of its back side seems to indicate there is support for an internal pci card. If there is a spec deficiency, its that it does not include a e-Sata port.

  • DJuice

    very good initiative! although i think that like tab machine they will be soon get sued by authorities….

    but like the idea very mich, huray huray!

    i am still going strong with my mvixbox nas but this kind of features i would love to have them…