Boxee Adds Netflix Watch Instantly Functionality

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Good and bad news here. Boxee on Windows (and I’m assuming Mac OS X) is now capable of tapping into your Netflix account to provide streaming movie access from your Instant Queue. The new Netflix addition also adds access to My Recommendations, New Releases, Last’s Week Top Choices, Browse Genres, and Search. Now for the bad news. Netflix movie streaming is currently not capable of working on the Apple TV due to its underpowered 1Ghz processor as well as on Linux PCs because it’s not a presently supported platform (rumor has it Netflix will begin supporting Linux sometime in 2009). The Boxee developers have also updated their Hulu and YouTube interfaces, optimized their CNN / Flickr / Picasa / Apple Movie Trailer plug-ins, added WB & Boston Globe’s The Big Picture content, and integrated music video access via MTV Music.

Boxee Alpha Release Notes:

  • a new Hulu – looks more like, enables you to login (so you can get your Hulu Queue), works faster, and playback should be greatly improved on Apple TV
  • a new YouTube – new look, as well as higher quality video playback. some of these YouTube clips look pretty good on your 46” LCD
  • a new CNN, Flickr, Picasa and Apple Movie Trailers – we’ve re-written all of these plug-ins to work faster and look better
  • Boston Globe’s The Big Picture – it’s a great photo-blog, which we really like, and thought could be pretty cool in a 10-foot experience. if you’ll like it we could bring much more of these type of services (let us know!)
  • integration with MTV Music – when you click on an album you’ll see a new option to let you watch music videos of the artist. check it out. MTV said they can give us higher quality videos, and we have a few more ideas for providing a great music video experience on boxee
  • theWB – on our quest to bring more TV content to boxee theWB is the latest addition. it means shows like Buffy, Babylon5, Firefly, One Tree Hill and The O.C. are now available on boxee
  • fixes and new look for to the lyrics and subtitles features – the new auto-scroll of the lyrics is arbitrary… but sometimes it works pretty well. fooled me the first time I tried it

on the bug fixing/polish front:

  • support for skip forward, rewind in Hulu, CBS, etc. – this is a big one.. should work now. the code behind it is sooo ugly that yuvalt had to chew on anti-nausea tablets while writing it
  • improved streaming of podcast, trailers and youtube videos – we rewrote the buffering/caching mechanism. Skip and rewind within video streams is now much better
  • more boxee less crashee – it’s still alpha, and it will crash from time to time (we promise), but this version is supposed to be more stable. we are trying to weed out those nasty bugs – help us out by submitting bugs to or post in our forum
  • faster scanning of local/network media – your movies, tv shows and albums should be identified faster. if you have a huge music collection then you could still cook a 7-course dinner, wash the dishes and read a telephone book before it will be done, but it’s greatly improved..
  • new on-screen keyboard – as dave described when he reported the bug “typing a URL with our on-screen keyboard is a once in a lifetime experience. you do it once, and never want to do it again”. so we made it a bit better
  • faster loading of the movies/music screen in case you have hundreds or thousands of albums..

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  • Brian Workman

    The new update greatly improved my hulu experience on my appletv. Apple should have included this a long time ago. I never watch t.v. live. They could easily sell me this service for $10 a month and replace my cable company.

  • Brian Workman

    Plus, what lucky star did Netflix fly under. They are on every device now. I need some of their mojo for my work.

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  • omar

    Can someone send me an invite to Boxee WMC.