My Movies for Windows Home Server Adds FLAC Support and Media Center Extender Compatible DVD Rips

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The title pretty much says it all. So, Brian Binnerup has been busy adding new features and squashing bugs on his road to the official, non-beta release of My Movies for Windows Home Server. The two stand-out features in v1.02 users now get to play with is support for FLAC lossless audio CD rips and MPEG-2 DVD rips compatible with Media Center Extenders. Interestingly, in regards to DVD rips, users will now have four options to suit their needs: ISO file, VIDEO_TS Folder, MPEG-2 File, VIDEO_TS Folder and MPEG-2 File. Note: a copy of AnyDVD is required to perform DVD rips. Full change log below.

Added: Automatic database backup feature. Automatically runs backup during the night with the internal you choose, and lets you choose how many backups to keep.
Added: Ability to use non WHS based shares and part of a share for copy target and monitoring.
Added: Support for Flac lossless music codec for Music Disc Copier.
Added: Option to reject disc if no meta-data is found for Movie Disc Copier. This allows you to use a client to contribute disc id’s for unknown discs, and then re-insert the disc to be copied with proper meta-data.
Added: Ability for movie disc copier to copy to Media Center extender compatible MPEG2 format, either as only file, or as combination of VIDEO_TS folder structure and MPEG2 file.

Change: Now asks to set services to manual startup when you stop them, to awoid them from restarting after a reboot.

Fix: Runs optimize and clean of unused covers, photos and temp files before running a backup.
Fix: Movie disc can some times be rejected if it has been previously copied, even though the file no longer exists.
Fix: Notifications can pop up again and again. Notifications is now removed after a specific time period, depending on their importance.
Fix: Movie disc copier can fail to copy discs if the disc name in the meta-data contains special characters.
Fix: Firewall configuration issues can occur on some newer version HP Home Servers.
Fix: SQL Server install could error out if firewall configuration fails.
Fix: Clean photos on database backup
Fix: Percentage only goes to 99 percent and not 100 until the task is fully complete

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