Chord Electronics Limited Intros Products to Stream Your Mobile Phone’s Music Tracks to Your Stereo

chord electronics limited choral qbd76

Now here’s a novel product (a bit on the pricey side, though). The Chordette Gem by Chord Electronics Limited is a Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Audio receiver that can be connected to a home stereo system or any device with RCA inputs. In other words, your Bluetooth equipped mobile phone, PDA, or PC can be set down and paired (within a range of 30 meters) with the Chordette Gem and be able to playback all your music tracks wirelessly. What’s more, the Chordette Gem can play music tracks from an external USB drive as well. MSRP £399 ($690 USD). [via]

Note: Chord Electronics Limited has also a released a higher-end version called the Choral QBD76 (pictured above) that offers the same functions but claims to have improved audio quality and includes additional digital audio inputs.

UPDATE: A quick search around on Google pointed me to a site that provides a comprehensive list of A2DP compatible products — some of which are Receivers for home use. One nice find is the ANYCOM BAR-10 for only $59.99, which pretty functions like the Chordette Gem (minus the USB host functionality).

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  • Adam

    Stupid Apple, I don’t understand why the iPhone doesn’t support A2DP! Im sure they could do it in a simple software upgrade.