HP to Relax Warranty Terms and Allow MediaSmart Server Owners to Upgrade System Memory

We Got Served is reporting today that HP, in an official public statement, is now stating that they will allow MediaSmart Server owners to upgrade their device’s memory without the worry of voiding their warranty. This is obviously fantastic news to all the power users out there who’ve embraced the platform and have installed various extension add-ins, that as a side-effect, have tended to hog up large amounts of memory when activated.

HP customers can now upgrade the memory on HP MediaSmart Servers without voiding the HP warranty.

Based on customer feedback, HP will now offer a path for consumers to upgrade the memory on the HP MediaSmart Server without voiding the hardware warranty. HP customer feedback and research shows that some customers are installing multiple add-ins and/or additional software to the MediaSmart Server, which can lead to a need for additional memory.


Upgrading the memory, in and of itself, will not void the warranty on the MediaSmart Server. Damage to any part of the MediaSmart Server during the upgrade may violate the warranty, however, leaving the cost for repairs the responsibility of the customer. Customers should perform a backup to an external device before adding additional memory.

HP is only providing information on a customer memory upgrade path at this time, and customers will not be able to send their MediaSmart Server to HP to perform the upgrade. Customers may be able to find technical assistance for the memory upgrade, however HP is not recommending or training authorized resellers to conduct the memory upgrade on a MediaSmart Server. HP has not qualified any particular DIMMs, but compatible memory includes 1GB or 2GB – DDR2 667 MHz DIMMs. Customers should not upgrade beyond 2 GB of memory. Other than disk drives, HP does not support any other hardware upgrade paths, such as processor upgrades, on the MediaSmart Server.

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  • Jon

    Great to see HP respond – I’ve been thinking of doing an upgrade on my server, but wasn’t thrilled that my warranty would evaporate. I guess now is the time…

  • Scott Weaver

    IMO, a wise decision for HP, I know at least half a dozen people who were on the fence about buying one purely for this reason and any other possible similar issue that might come up down the line.

  • Bill

    As much as I like the HP Media Server and I’ve had one now for almost a year, I’m seriously thinking of building my own Home Server System from scratch so I can get the memory, CPU and such that will power what all Home Server can do for me (Home Server Rocks). The memory upgrade is pretty well essential for this system, and really other then somehow screwing up an easy and very well documented procedure for installing the memory, how can increasing memory increase the risk of damage to the system?

    HP should really consider selling Media Server v2 with more memory and a beefed up CPU as I’d likely buy one.